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As part of our expression of Fostering Wholeness, we offer support to our congregation and local community in the form of Counselling and Wellbeing Prayer.  We also run courses to support family life eg Parenting Teenagers.  The Head of Oasis Wellbeing Centre is Gail Rose.


Counselling Service

Sometimes we just need a little bit of help to work through a difficult time, a challenging situation or to experience life more fully.  A counsellor is trained to help you gain clarity in your situation and enable you to find your own way forwards.  They are not there to offer advice or solutions but through careful listening, reflection and challenging they can help you discover your own resourcefulness. 

Who we are.  All of our counsellors are members of COSCA, Scotland's professional body for counselling and psychotherapy (or similar), and have completed or are working towards a Diploma in Counselling. We operate within COSCA’s ethical framework.  Our counsellors are Christian but our service is open to those of any faith or none.  
What we offer.  We offer individual counselling for adults (aged 16 or over) primarily for those living in the EH4 area.  Following an initial meeting to discuss the aims of your counselling, you would be offered a set of 6 hourly sessions initially but following review this could be extended up to 15 sessions.  

Oasis Wellbeing Centre

Wellbeing Prayer Service

As Christians, we are committed to the wellbeing of a person’s body, mind and soul. We seek to minister to the whole person with Christ-like love through prayer.  Wellbeing prayer is not instead of medical or professional help. We thank God for the NHS. We believe that Jesus brings help and healing in many ways including through prayer.

Who?  Wellbeing prayer is when two trained people pray with you. Those praying will have been safeguarded checked and accountable. They will also be chosen appropriately and sensitively given the prayer requests and the person requesting prayer. Wellbeing prayer is overseen by Rev. Dan Robertson
Why?  We believe that praying and inviting Jesus into our situation is helpful. We take seriously his claims to be able to: bind up the broken hearted; set people free from shame and fear; bring light to darkness; bring comfort and hope; bring help and healing and help us to know we are loved and valued.
How?  Prayers will be given in response to your requests. Those praying will pray for you to know the love, peace and hope of Jesus and may share other words of encouragement.  Wellbeing prayer is a free service.
Where and when?  By appointment at Oasis Wellbeing Centre, (contact details as for counselling service).  There will be an initial session of up to one hour. There will also be opportunity for appropriate follow up.
If you have concerns regarding the way in which support has been offered, please raise your concerns through our Internal Complaints Procedure.


Time and Place.  Oasis is located in Davidson’s Mains Parish Church operating from a peaceful fully accessible cottage beside the Church where we have 2 rooms.  There is also a waiting room and an office separate.  All Oasis business is confidential and kept within the building. 

Open hours:     Tue:    9am - 5pm

                         Wed:   9am - 5pm

                         Thu:    9am - 7:30pm  

Is there a cost?  To help cover the costs of running the service, financial contributions are encouraged on a donations basis.   This would be agreed at the initial meeting.

How to make an appointment.  To arrange an initial meeting please contact us on our separate confidential phone line or email address:  ) 0131-312-6238         *  oasis@dmpc.org.uk