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What are The Parenting Courses?


We periodically run a FREE 5-week parenting course  

using resources from relationship central.  The Parenting Children Course is for any parents, step-parents, prospective parents or carers of children aged 0 – 10 years and the Parenting Teenagers course is for those with children from 10-18.


Why do the course?

  • Children do not arrive with an instruction manual
  • No role we undertake is more important than parenting.
Family life is under great pressure today and parents face bewildering choices about how to parent effectively. Discovering we are not alone in the challenges we face and picking up ideas from other parents can make a huge difference. We can all learn how to make even the happiest family better.
Our next Parenting Teenagers course begins Thursday 27th September 2018.  Email oasis@dmpc.org.uk to register.