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Why not try these two you tube clips.  The first one is an attempt through poetry or rap to cover the main message of the gospel in 4 minutes!

The second clip is the gospel in a song written by Stuart Townend known and loved in the worldwide Christian community.

What's it all about?

We believe that relationships are at the heart of how we’re wired as humans: and that getting to know Jesus is the single most important relationship we can foster.
It may sound odd that a man who lived so long ago could still be so significant! But it’s our conviction that this remarkable person, Jesus – the most documented individual in ancient history – is no less than God himself, and that the life he lived and the death he died were, in a crucial way, for us.
And more than that, we believe (on good grounds) that he actually rose again from the dead, and is alive and at work today, moving forward to its conclusion God’s amazing rescue plan for the world that He made.
Our life is geared, therefore, to helping people encounter this remarkable person, Jesus, for themselves and discovering in relationship with him a wonderful new life and a whole new way of living.