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Following Jesus is best expressed by your clearly identifying with a local congregation; together with others we learn to live out that whole new life which Jesus gives.

So how do you start being a part of that shared life of the local church?

If you’ve never publicly declared your trust in Jesus and your desire to follow Him, then start there! Do get in touch and we’ll gladly follow through on that.

If you’ve already done that and have been actively involved elsewhere, then it’s courteous, where possible, to let them know that you’re planning to become part of this congregation now: and let us know, too, by speaking to one of the leaders.


We hope you’ll be keen to join and get involved with us here as a local congregation of God’s people.
What will that involvement entail?
Well, it’s a family into which we’re brought by Jesus; and, with a child-like enthusiasm, Christians have a passion now to learn how to live life to the full.
To feed that hunger to learn and live, we encourage you to take seriously the challenge of discipleship:  and to foster that sense of belonging, we encourage your involvement in our small group life.