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Davidson's Mains


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Head of Wellbeing Centre

Gail Rose

Gail has been working for Davidson’s Mains Parish Church since 2011.  She came, following a clear sense of God’s call, to develop the ministries on the premises with a personal passion for the introduction of a counselling service.  She has pursued this vision for some time and in June 2018, Oasis was formed.

Gail’s interest in counselling began during her service in the RAF as an Engineer Officer.  The demanding pastoral care responsibility for large numbers of airmen/airwomen led her to seek training at Grantham College in the mid 90s.  Several years later she had the opportunity to complete her training and worked as a volunteer counsellor at Crossreach Counselling Lothian (Wallace House) since 2012.  Gail has also attended training in adolescent counselling and really enjoyed working with that age group for a year.

A native of Edinburgh, Gail lives in Davidson’s Mains with her husband, Paul, and their 2 teenage children. She enjoys running the ‘Parenting Teenagers’ course each year as she recognises this is a ‘challenging’ time for most parents!  Gail can be contacted at .